Friday treat: MT’s business classics

You’ve been slaving away adding value all week, and now it’s time for a quick treat. The MT team have put their heads together and dug out a few of their favourite ‘educational’ video clips. Don’t worry, they’re all work safe, and instructive as well as entertaining, so even your boss can’t really complain if you start laughing like an idiot.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

‘Damn it backwards into a narrow space Peter’ – Fry & Laurie’s businessmen get typically gung-ho about their plans to ‘change the face of Uttoxeter’s service and leisure industry for ever’.

Have you ever revealed a new product to an expectant boardroom, only for things to go slightly off script? At least you’re not this poor exec from Robocop, who provides a gruesome taste of ‘the future of law enforcement’. Careful, though, this clip is pretty gory. 

Enjoy two minutes of bafflement at the Day Today’s perfectly incomprehensible business news slot, including the mother of all graphics: the ‘international finance arse’.

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