Make your business future-fit at this cutting-edge conference, featuring over 300 other business leaders, entrepreneurs and HR professionals. It’s an unmissable opportunity to learn from the best and get ahead in the new digital business world.


Transform your business into an adaptable, flexible organisation that’s able to thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace.


Understand what skills you’ll need and how to recruit the best of the best. Your competitors are on your heels, you need to stay a step ahead.


Learn how to get ahead, where to find opportunities and when to take risks in tomorrow's dynamic marketplace.


Get the inspiration you need from groundbreaking entrepreneurs and captains of industry at the top of their game. How did they make it? Where do they get their ideas? What does innovation look like to them?

Whether it’s learning how to innovate, reflecting on the next big workplace trends or even figuring out how robotics and AI are changing the very nature of business, attending The Future of Work Conference is your chance to gaze into a management-tinted crystal ball.

As the UK’s relationship with Europe and the world changes around us, you need to understand how to find the skills you’ll need, what obstacles to watch out for and where to find growth.  

Feeling left behind by the digital world? Learn from those at the vanguard of the 21st century economy how to equip your company with the knowledge and skills to become truly digital first.

Are you agile enough to take on the competition in the age of Google and Facebook? Join us for a conference where you will hear great advice, learn from first-hand ‘how to’ accounts and be inspired by the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and big businesses.

Debate, network – then grill Britain’s biggest business leaders.

Highlights from our London conference 2015