Gear & Gizmos: Keep your cool in the heat

Wear an airy shirt, eat homemade ice cream, treat yourself to the ultimate pen and never get lost again.

by Matthew Gwyther and Adam Gale
Last Updated: 26 Aug 2015



Invented in 1888, 'Aertex' was the first 'performance' fabric. (If you don't include chain mail.) It's a Brit textile from Manchester - the Italians refer to it as giro inglese - and has been worn by everyone from the Desert Rats in WW2 to Bobby Moore. No guy or gal's summer wardrobe is complete without a shirt with holes in. And this smart dress shirt by Emmett is made from a similar material. Don't wear a vest underneath even if you need to perform in it. 3/3



Let's face it, email's for plebs. If you want to sign your name in style, try this elegant fountain pen instead. The Toledo displays a steel engraving technique perfected in Spain during Moorish times. Each pen is unique, with a 24-carat gold-plated motif hand-etched on luxurious black resin over a sterling silver sleeve.Unfortunately, of course, it also has a 24-carat price tag, so probably not one for the forgetful or those prone to chewing the lid. 3/3



Summer means ice cream so ensure a steady supply with The Smart Scoop. Designed in collaboration with molecular gastronomist Heston Blumenthal, this fully automated device has sensors that sort your sorbets from your frozen yogurts and gelatos by maintaining the perfect consistency and temperature for the dessert you want. If you're hoping for a cool liquid nitrogen function, though, you'll be disappointed. 2/3


£1.49, IOS, Android

As anyone who's seen American Werewolf in London will tell you, bad things can happen if you don't 'beware the moors'. Does that mean we have to settle for strolls in the concrete jungle? Not with iFootpath to keep you on track. Download country walk guides on this app for photos, descriptions and a GPS map of your route. Being able to access information offline is handy, but surely the 21st century can offer more interactivity. 1/3

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