Gear & Gizmos: Livescribe smartpen and Phonesoap UV phone sanitiser

Kill off phone bugs, pretend you never sent an offensive email, touch into your home and upload what you write.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 02 Jul 2015

Phonesoap UV Cellphone Sanitiser


Do you have any idea how many bacteria live on your phone, feasting on all that grease and dead skin? If you do, why not channel your inner Howard Hughes with this combined charger and sanitiser? Simply put your mobile inside its sleek case and wait as it irradiates all those microbial nasties with deadly ultraviolet rays. Your device will then be sterile enough to eat off, though frankly that’s inadvisable. Rating: 2/3 


iOS, Free

We’ve all sent one of those messages to the wrong person and wished the next day we could take it back. Now you can. Strings lets you delete your texts remotely from the recipient’s phone, destroying all proof they were ever sent. It even requires your permission for them to save a snap, preventing your industrial secrets doing the rounds on the internet. Both parties need to have Strings for it to work, though, which defeats the object somewhat. Rating: 1/3

Anviz L100D II Smart Lock


Keys are so last century. They eat holes in your pockets, they’re remarkably easy to lose and, of course, people can copy them. This biometric smart lock solves each of these problems, and will open 8,000 times before you need to change the batteries. Simply set it to recognise your finger prints or the optional security card, then leave home safe in the knowledge that this is one lock no burglar can bypass. Unless he (or she) has a crowbar, of course. Rating: 1/3

Livescribe Wi-fi Smartpen


If you like taking notes the old fashioned way, but keep on losing your pads, Livescribe could be for you. This otherwise ordinary pen automatically uploads what you write on paper into an electronic document using Wi-Fi and can store up to 8GB if you’re not connected. Don’t worry if your handwriting’s wretched enough to make a doctor wince. It also records audio. Just click the relevant section of text to listen back. Rating: 3/3

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