Gear & Gizmos: Samsung Gear 2 smart watch and Samsonite's CityVibe backpack

Dodge traffic jams, a watch that does everything, a handy rucksack and farewell to screen-related back pain.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 29 Apr 2016


Free, iOS, Android, Windows phone

If tailbacks are driving you mad, give Waze a try. Users of the world's first 'social GPS' system kindly share the location and severity of traffic jams, allowing you to crowd source your journey planning. The app sends you real-time updates of nearby problems even if you haven't entered a particular destination, but bear in mind that interacting with the app while driving could be difficult - and potentially illegal. Rating: 1/3



If you've always wanted to shoot someone with your watch, a la 007, you're in luck. The sleek and comfy Gear 2 comes with a decent camera, makes calls, takes memos, assesses the quality of your sleep and even tells the time. The Gear needs a Galaxy phone to work, though, and the battery life's not great. More to the point, there are times when it feels like a 1990s pager strapped to your wrist, rather than a rival to the much-hyped Apple Watch. Rating: 2/3



MT's sister publication Pistonheads recently hosted a heated debate about men and rucksacks. 'I don't understand why so many men carry rucksacks to work when they're wearing a suit. It's as ridiculous looking as wearing flip-flops,' was one comment. We disagree and this model - into which you can get a laptop as well as an iPad and a few small grocery items - is good if you prefer a bike to the Tube. Solid but not cheap. Rating: 3/3



Working from your favourite armchair has never been easier, thanks to this computer stand. Developed in conjunction with orthopaedic specialists, it has an adjustable frame that allows you to keep your eyes level with your desktop or laptop screen. Superb if you want to stand, sit or even lie down with your copy of MT without crippling neck pain. It's a big beast though, so if desk space is limited you might want to reconsider. Rating: 2/3

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