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Gear & Gizmos: Your smart travel kit

Got a business trip planned? Arrive refreshed with these accessories for a stress-free journey.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 01 Feb 2016



'Don't worry, I'll sleep on the flight.' Fateful words, as anyone who's crossed the Atlantic swine-class for a career-defining morning meeting will tell you. Thankfully, there are ways of blocking the world out, even at 40,000 feet. Snuff out every last glimmer of light and sleep like a baby with this supersoft TEMPUR eye mask that moulds to the contours of your face. Choose your travelling companions wisely though, if you want to avoid accusations of preciousness.

Rating: 3/3



You've finally arrived at your destination, only to discover your 'luxury penthouse' is in fact a grotty hostel - and these are the only digs in town. It's at this point you realise you're never too old for a sleeping bag. Why not pack this classy, low-bulk alternative instead? Slip into DreamSack's silken cocoon for a spot of luxury wherever you sleep. Beware though: even the softest sheets won't make up for a lumpy mattress.

Rating 2/3



Mary Poppins had it easy. There's no irritating trade off between your trainers and travel iron when you've got a bottomless bag. Magic aside, GATE8 luggage is the next best thing. Made from ballistic-strength nylon, this bag maximises space while complying with airlines' draconian carry-on restrictions. Clever compartments separate your shoes from your shirts and help reduce creasing. Not applicable for frantic, last-minute packers.

Rating 3/3


Free, iOS, Android

Jet lag doesn't have to be the bane of a business traveller's life. This handy app, developed by the boffins at the University of Michigan, uses the science of lighting to trick your body into resetting its internal clock. Just enter your destination and travel times and let the algorithm do the rest. Seeking out brilliant light or total darkness whenever your phone orders you to might seem tedious, but if you want to stop feeling like you've just been run over, it's worth a try.

Rating 1/3

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