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Be ahead of the game with these gadgets - from a state-of-the-art headset to a robotic vacuum cleaner.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 17 Jun 2016



You know that guy in marketing who looks like he's talking to himself, but actually it's a Bluetooth headset? Do you think he looks like a prat? If the answer's no, try the Jawbone Era. Small and stylish, it features 'military grade' noise-cancelling tech, leaving you free to communicate with the voices in your head. For the full hands and human-free experience, pair it with Siri or Google Now and ask away. Just get ready for the some funny looks.

Rating 1/3

Google Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation


No matter how much you tinker with the thermostat, your office is always either too hot or too cold. Google's smart home system could help. Nest learns what temperatures you like and when. It also saves money, automatically shutting off when the office is empty and suggesting off-peak heating/air con schedules. Nifty, but you may find achieving the ideal temperature a lot easier than getting your team to agree what that actually is.

Rating 2/3



Google Glass may be dead, but augmented reality lives on in these slick cycling glasses. With but a glance, you can bring up a heads-up display showing your speed, distance, GPS location and - if paired with a smartphone - caller ID, text messages and social media. It also has a video recording option for when you want to prove who cut you up on the way into the office car park, Robocop style. Quite useful for keeping the dust out of your eyes too.

Rating 3/3



The future of business belongs to the robots, so naturally you want one. A relentlessly efficient android supply chain manager is sadly a long way off. A robotic cleaner on the other hand... With sophisticated programming and seven infrared sensors, the diminutive Scout can reach most nooks and crannies to keep your office carpet dust-free without you (or anyone else) lifting a finger. Just make sure your remaining human employees don't trip over it.

Rating 2/3

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