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Gear & Gizmos: The technophobe's gadget guide

Don't be a Luddite - here's the best easy-to-use tech to help you catch up with the 21st century.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 17 Jun 2016

iPhone SE


Ever wondered what all the millennials in your office are actually doing on their phones? Ditch your beloved 90s brick and find out. The SE is essentially a more compact version of Apple's flagship iPhone 6S, offering the same functionality at a lower cost. This includes its 12 megapixel camera, which can record Ultra HD 4k video. If you really want to get down with the kids, download 'Instagram' and start taking 'selfies' with them. Employee retention not guaranteed.

Rating 3/3

Raspberry Pi 3 B


Coding is modern day sorcery. Everything depends on it, yet precious few of us have any idea how it works. But it's never too late to start learning. The Raspberry Pi is a very small, very simple and most importantly very cheap computer. So you're free to tinker with it without any real risk. Hook it up to a screen and keyboard, and start learning coding languages such as Scratch. You can even turn your Pi into a beeping robot. Fun, but requires patience.

Rating 2/3

Slack - Desktop, iOS, Android

$0-$12.50 per person per day

Just think how many otherwise productive hours you've lost sifting through your email inbox. Slack offers a more intelligent solution. It's instant messaging (IM) for business, separating ongoing conversations by team or topic so that everyone who needs to knows what's going on. This freemium service could do wonders for your productivity, but if you think you'll escape the email ball and chain, think again: IMs are very hard to ignore.

Rating 1/3

Formlabs F2 3D Printer


Still in its infancy, 3D printing promises to revolutionise whole industries from cars and medical devices to architecture. This is your chance to get ahead of the curve. Run out of plastic forks in the canteen? Don't call procurement, let me 3D print some for you. With its simple interface, the F2 makes the process easy and fits on your desk. Impressive, but unless you're a pro there's a high risk of it being a very expensive novelty.

Rating 1/3

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