Gear & Gizmos: Time for a declutter?

Destroy documents at the double, have a clear-out and get organised in the office with these handy gadgets.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 04 Apr 2016

Rexel Auto+ 200X Cross Cut Shredder


Sometimes there are documents that, for entirely innocent reasons, you want destroyed forever. Let's say you have a large quantity of these papers, and only two hours before your midnight flight to Mexico. The Rexel Auto+ 200X could come in handy. This cross cut shredder will reduce up to 200 sheets automatically at a time to confetti, leaving your mind at ease and your desk clutter-free. It's not cheap though, so perhaps one for the paranoid rather than the paperless.

Rating: 1/3

Sortly app

iOS, free

The irony of being an office hoarder is that you can never actually find that notepad from 1997 that you kept in case you needed it one day. If you're sick of rummaging through stuffed drawers and cardboard box 'archives', it might be time to get help, in app form. Sortly makes inventories easy and, dare we say it, fun. Its annotated pictures can bring order to the chaos, and are easily shared with colleagues. Discipline not included.

Rating: 3/3

Greenland Nature Tan Leather Attache Case


Let the great unwashed lug around their rucksacks. Travel to work in minimalist style with this neat attache case. The Greenland's many compartments keep everything in its proper place, while its narrow dimensions prevent ungentlemanly overfilling. Though it's big enough to hold a 16-inch laptop, this buffalo leather case could be useful if you want to learn to travel light. (The case of choice for aspiring quantity surveyors from Chelmsford. Ed.)

Rating: 2/3

Aircharge Wireless Surface Charger


As roses have thorns, so do snazzy consumer electronics gizmos have chargers. Extricating yours from the fiendish, Gordian knot of cables that's formed by your desktop can be trying at best. Sadly, Alexander the Great's option of slicing the knot in half with a sword isn't available, but this wireless charger is. Leave your myriad cables at home, put your phone or tablet on the Aircharge and let electromagnetism do the rest.

Rating: 3/3


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