Gear & Gizmos: virtual reality and plant recognition

Find a world of your own, recapture your youthful visage, a dinky dinghy and never be foxed by a plant.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 04 Apr 2016

Samsung Gear VR


Samsung's virtual reality headset lets you watch movies on the moon, soar over Icelandic glaciers or sit in a Mongolian family's yurt. The immersive effect is remarkable, but it can be blurry and the novelty wears off faster than new content is released. The discerning nerd may have to wait for the higher spec Oculus Rift to go on sale for that to change. The Gear VR does have price on its side - so long as you own a Note 4 phone, which you need to make it work. 3/3

Tria Age-Defying Laser


Spotted another wrinkle? Don't despair. Try using the mighty power of laser technology. Applying the Tria to your face twice daily might stimulate collagen production, restoring some of your faded youth without requiring a trip to the surgeon. But not everyone's dazzled. 'It stings a bit and it's not convenient,' complains one MT staffer's already elfin mother, 'and it's very expensive.' Some people may prefer just to grow old gracefully. 1/3

3D Tender 250 Superlight Twin Air Inflatable Boat


It's a classic problem. You want to explore that lush, tropical islet, but it's too much hassle to take the yacht. This 14.5kg, oar-powered dinghy gives you freedom to explore at leisure, and when fully deflated fits into a locker. Unlike wooden or fibreglass dinks, 3D Tender's firm-bottomed inflatable will remain stable when you stand or climb onboard. You may want to avoid rocky shores, as shredding the hull won't do much for its seaworthiness. 2/3

PlantSnapp (iOS) Free

If you love the blooming spring, but don't know your azaleas from your foxgloves, PlantSnapp may help. It's the Shazam of flowers. Just take a picture of the plant you can't identify and this app's faceless horticultural experts will get its name and the details of a reputable seller to you within a day or two. You can even chat to them about your favourite plants, though to be honest, that's getting a little sad. 2/3

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