Generation Y says no more 9-to-5

HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES: In the first of a series of themed videos in association with consultants Kronos, this week MT asks if working 9-5 is dead.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 01 Mar 2016

Ah, the daily grind. For those of a certain age the wake-up - go to the office - come home again - sleep cycle is almost as fixed and unchanging as the rising and setting of the sun itself.

But not for the growing armies of empowered, often tech-savvy, flexible workers, for whom the ‘office’ is any place where they can get a coffee and a decent wifi connection on their laptop.

Because although everyone can see the appeal of flexible working, it’s the current twenty-something Generation Y and the upcoming Generation Z who demand the ability to work anywhere of their employers.

How should managers cope with this brave new workforce, and what will it look like?

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