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GERMANY: BRAIN FOOD - Matters for the mind to chew on - Global business. - Edited by RHYMER RIGBY,

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


Deutsche's role under the Nazis was ambiguous. At first, the Nazis regarded Deutsche Bank as 'Red' because Catholic and Jewish employees had made such an impact there. Board director Hermann Abs told the US military government, carrying out investigations in 1946/47, that the bank's leaders had maintained 'an official distance from the Nazi party' even though, along with other German firms, they had 'committed themselves to the goal of world domination'. But the two Jewish board directors, Theodor Frank and Jacob Wassermann, handed in their notices in May 1933, and were followed by company spokesman Georg Solmssen, who wrote to a colleague: 'I fear that we are at the beginning of a well-planned process aimed deliberately and indiscriminately at the destruction of Jewish people in Germany.'

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