Give us a break! One in five Brits has had no hols for two years

A new survey has found that almost 20% of British workers have not taken a holiday for more than two years, using annual leave for DIY and medical appointments instead.

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

When was the last time you had some time off? Probably Christmas, thinking about it. But nonetheless, research by Hilton Hotels & Resorts (not surprising, that), shows that around one in five Brits has not taken a vacation in more than two years. 

Apparently, we are increasingly using our average of 24 days annual leave to complete home DIY and domestic chores or to go to the doc.

The research, entitled 2013 Hilton UK Vacation Deficit Report (Hilton bosses are obviously worried about that bottom line), surveyed 2,000 British workers from a range of professions. 

It found that although average working Britons get 24 days paid holiday per year, a quarter of those surveyed admitted that they only use around six of those days for some genuine downtime.

More than half continue to take work calls when on holiday, with 5 million people checking work e-mails on an hourly basis, even when they’re out for dinner, at the cinema, or even on dates. That’s a pretty sorry state of affairs, if you ask us. 

Around a third (37%) feel that their health takes a hit because of work, and over 50% say they ‘feel too guilty’ or are too busy at work to take all the holiday they are owed. 

And if you thought that was depressing enough, another piece of research from Mindjet has found that 54% of British workers ‘care passionately about helping their employer to be successful’, but do not feel that they have the support to help achieve this. 

So, how to strike the balance? We Brits are constantly on the Blackberry even when we’re out of the office, but don’t feel we’ve got the tools to help our companies find success. Perhaps if people took a bit more holiday and worked smarter, not harder, they'd come up with some better ideas... Just a thought.

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