GIZMOS: Samsung's tablet is duly Noted

We review the latest tech releases, from an RSS reader to an app to sharpen your wits.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

1) Luminosity - Free (pictured top right)

Feel you're slowing down? Luminosity consists of a few simple exercises that train your brain into a slick, well-oiled machine.

Tell the app what you want from it (better problem solving, longer attention span, etc) and it will select games for you to play on a daily basis to sharpen your mind.

Does it work? It looks beautiful enough and the games are sufficiently absorbing for it not to matter.

Rating: ***

2) Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - £339.00

We like the built-in 'S-Pen' stylus that comes with this natty little tablet, which light, portable and easy to use.

It's no wonder Apple is worried about Samsung's march into the tablet market.

Our only qualm was battery life, which was shorter than we'd hoped - but this was improved by turning off the creepy 'Smart Stay' technology, which allows your tablet to watch you watching it.

Rating: **

Digg Reader - Free

Now Google has axed the much-loved Google Reader, competing RSS readers are scrambling to take its crown.

Digg Reader is a serious contender: with a design as clean and easy to use as Google's, it effortlessly integrates with services such as Instapaper and, of course, Digg itself. It can even darken the display in a dark room for the surreptitious news addict ...

Rating: ***


Nokia Asha 311 - £98.50

Big in the late 1990s, Nokia may now appear a brand for also-rans as its rivals pull ahead. Asha is Nokia's attempt to find a middle way between simplicity and the smartphone revolution, with a focus on its old values of keeping things clean.

It's a little plasticky, perhaps, but Nokia has done what other manufacturers couldn't: it has built a smartphone with a 29-day standby time.

Rating: **


*** Note perfect

** Duly noted

* Bum note.

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