GIZMOS: Our tech picks of the month

We look at the latest tech releases, from HP's sleek iPad challenger to a future-proof wayfinder.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

1) HP ElitePad 900 64GB


It's a crying shame HP decided to go with Windows 8, because this is truly a beautiful piece of machinery: glossy and heavy, it makes the iPad feel like a piece of cheap tat by comparison. But alas, alack - HP made the fateful error of using Microsoft's operating system. It's so awkward as to be unusable. Go away, come back with an Android version and we'll give this full marks.


2) Alcatel One Touch Link Y800

From £12 a month on EE 4G

MT doesn't often need to connect 10 devices to high-speed wi-fi when out and about. But we're glad it's possible. The One Touch Link - a mini obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey - is a portable wi-fi router that uses 4G for extra-fast mobile internet. We had five devices connected in a low-signal area, with YouTube videos on all of them. It worked flawlessly.


3) Citymapper London


This is how wayfinding apps should be: input your location and where you want to be and the app tells you every possible route, the cost and even how many calories you will burn. Options include walking, cycling, taxi, buses - and, of course, jetpack. 'This is how long (the journey) will take you in future,' says the app (available on iOS and Android). 'We think there may still be traffic.'


4) Flickr


The app for Yahoo's photosharing website was overhauled last month to position it as a rival to Facebook's Instagram. Available on iOS and Android, it includes classier filters and editing tools than Instagram's, so not all pictures look like they were taken in 1970s California. Some glitches need ironing out, though - on MT's phone, the app froze several times.


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