Gizmos: Top tech this month

The latest craze, a hit of espresso that's free to those that can afford it, HTC's a winner, plus a hi-tech aide-memoire.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 02 Oct 2014


iOS, Android


We've had Candy Crush, we've had Flappy Bird, now the latest game to make smartphone users lob their devices across the room in frustration is 2048, a puzzle game where you slide numbered tiles together until they add up to 2,048. It was only created in March, but there are already several dozen spin-offs: Doge2048, for instance, and the Doctor Who Edition. It's wildly addictive. You have been warned.

Rating: *

Nespresso Gemini CS 220 Pro

Free (with subscription)

You may have a Nespresso machine at home, but that's amateur stuff compared with this. Nespresso's corporate offering means your business gets a free machine, but you pay around 30p each for the capsules - more like mini flying saucers than their domestic cousins. It's a great way to reward staff - and, indeed, improve concentration levels - but someone does need to be responsible for cleaning it. If not, two words: 'cottage cheese'

Rating: **

HTC One M8


HTC launched its flagship HTC One last year to rave reviews. This update, the M8, doesn't disappoint. The key selling point is its design - a curved metal finish means it fits in the hand beautifully. The best thing is its pictures. HTC has introduced the duo camera, which gives a photo more depth and allows the focus to be changed after it has been taken. The 5in screen is one of the biggest in the market, and it has dual frontal stereo speakers with built-in amplifiers. A winner.

Rating: ***

Checkmark 2

iOS, Android


All right, so a pen and some paper remain the most popular way to make a list - but will they send you reminders when you haven't completed a task? No they won't. Step forward, Checkmark, which allows you to make to-do lists, organise them by location (there is a 'gym' option just in case you're liable to forget about hitting the treadmill) and electronically nags you if you haven't done it. Beautiful - although rather one-dimensional.

Rating: *

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