How a global MBA can take you places

The way the world conducts business is changing - and you need to keep pace.

by Management Today Staff
Last Updated: 16 Jan 2019

In Japan, business cards rule. You should present and accept business cards with both hands; if you forget to take someone’s card, it can cause offence. Then the following week you might be working in Dubai – just remember not to organise appointments on Fridays, the Muslim day of prayer and rest.

In an increasingly globalised business environment, it pays to be aware of cultural differences – in some countries meetings will start bang on time; others have more relaxed standards of punctuality. Some nationalities get straight to business; others expect social chit-chat first.

Of course, if you’re doing business abroad you don’t just need to know about local traditions – you should also be aware of legal differences and government structures that affect how your company will operate. This is where a global MBA can give your career a boost.

The online MBA Global at James Cook University in Australia can be studied 100% remotely, from anywhere in the world. It aims to help its students adapt and thrive in global business contexts and manage uncertainty.

An added advantage in doing a global MBA is that students are likely to come from a broader range of countries, so they’re able to provide a real insight into how business is done in their part of the world. Discussing marketing funnels? Your Chinese counterpart will enlighten you on the importance of social networking sites Renren, Kaixin001 and Weibo.

Technological advances mean it’s easier than ever to network remotely, and your peers on a global MBA course will expand your horizons – they could even open up business opportunities for the future.

Global-focused organisations need strong leaders who understand international markets. In a recent Deloitte report,Global Perspectives for Private Companies, 16% of companies said strengthening their management team was one of their top two growth strategies for the year. Indeed, bolstering the skills of managers rated higher than developing new products and services and growing existing markets.

You’ll need diverse skills and experience to deal with a globalised business environment, as advances in data and technology continue to disrupt markets across the world. It’s becoming increasingly important to understand how these trends will affect your organisation, and you can drive tremendous growth for your company if you have the knowledge and decision-making skills to act quickly.

James Cook University’s MBA Global focuses on three broad areas: Global Perspective and Strategy; Data-driven Decision-Making; and Organisational Leadership and Management. As part of these subjects, students learn about everything from marketing strategy and corporate finance to data analysis and entrepreneurship, helping them to become effective, strategic leaders – something companies need now more than ever, in such an unpredictable political climate.

And studying for a global MBA is certainly a positive career step – The Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2018 Corporate Recruiters Survey showed that this year’s MBA graduates continue to command increased salaries. Companies in the US offered a median base starting salary of $105,000 to recent MBA graduates in 2018, compared with $85,000 for direct-from-industry new hires and $65,000 for bachelor’s degree new hires.

Globally, most companies (52%) say that they are increasing base starting salaries for MBA hires this year compared with last year. So a career in international business is likely to be lucrative, as well as exciting.

The online MBA Global at James Cook University is designed to help you manage uncertainty and leverage new opportunities. Guided by a global perspective, the coursework considers broader economic and operational systems, underpinned by a solid foundation in data and analysis. The MBA Global is designed for leaders who want to thrive in contemporary business environments.

Find out more and see where a global MBA could take you.


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