Globetrotter: Andy Marshall of Costa

The coffee chain's COO spends half the month travelling. He doesn't drink in the air but enjoys an espresso after touching down.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

How many business miles have you clocked up in how many countries over the past year?

About 90,000 across 12 to 15 countries, which is a normal amount for me. I probably spend two weeks a month travelling.

What's your favourite airport?

Heathrow, because of Terminal 5 - it's a fantastic airport. After that, Hong Kong because of the wide range of food and drink outlets.

In flight - booze or no booze?

Absolutely no booze. I like to be fresh for meetings the following day - and meetings and drinks don't mix. On the other hand, when I return home I'm well known for liking my wine; to celebrate me getting back safely ...

Worst ever travel experience?

When the engine blew out on a BA jumbo on the runway in South Africa. I was delayed for 12 hours and had a flight to catch the next day.

Hot towel or peanuts?

Hot towel, definitely. To wipe away the grime of a busy day.

Do you trust helicopters?

Yes, in my previous job I often used them in Greenland, Iceland and Norway. I love the thrill of them.

Do you like trains?

Trains are my favourite form of transport. They are more elegant and less stressful, and you can walk around and mix with other people.

My favourite journey is the Rovos Rail steam train from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Video conferencing or eyeball to eyeball in the flesh?

Business is about people, so absolutely no video conferencing for me. I like to be meeting my baristas over a cappuccino or a flat white, and if I'm a little jetlagged the odd double espresso. No sugar, though. If a coffee's made well it needs no sugar.

MacBook or PC, BlackBerry or iPhone?

BlackBerry and iPad. I like reading books and newspapers on the iPad, and the BlackBerry is essential for checking emails.

Jet lag remedy of choice?

Don't drink on the flight and go straight to bed with no food on board. I've got no problem with sleeping on a plane at all. When you land, work through the tiredness and go to bed early - perhaps after a glass of red wine.

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