Globetrotter: Chris Hyman

The Serco CEO covers 150,000 miles a year. A teetotaller, he finds 'no booze' is the answer in the air.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

How many business miles have you clocked up in how many countries over the past year?

Although Serco operates in over 30 countries, my main travel is in the UK, US, Middle East, India and Australia. Last year, my total miles got close to 150,000.

Favourite airport?

T5 at Heathrow and Changi in Singapore. I've often used their gym during a stopover or indulged in some retail therapy, either buying some new gadget I don't need or a bestseller I'll never read.

In flight - booze or no booze?

It's boring, but I don't take alcohol. I find eating less lets you acclimatise more quickly to a new time zone. Lots of water helps with rehydration.

Do you like trains?

I don't get as many opportunities to travel on them as I'd like. I get a hard time from my colleagues, though, as we have a proud legacy of running great train services: the DLR in London, the Dubai Metro and the Great Southern Railway, Australia.

Worst-ever travel experience?

Our flight to an overseas destination landed late and we found the airport closed because of an issue over fire-fighting gear. We took a small boat to a nearby island and hit turbulent seas (a scary experience). And to top all that, we found at our destination that they'd lost our luggage!

Video conferencing or eyeball to eyeball in the flesh?

Personal contact is the best way to build relationships. But in these days of austerity and concern for our environment, we should see if some of our meetings can use the advance in technology to help keep a balance. I use video conferencing a lot and I'm due to try telepresence.

Hot towel or peanuts?

Hot towel and a bottle of water, or a glass of pineapple juice if I'm really feeling adventurous.

Do you trust helicopters?

They can get you in and out very quickly to precisely where you want, but I use them only rarely.

MacBook or PC, Blackberry or iPhone?

I've been converted: I'm now an iPad and iPhone junkie.

Jet lag remedy of choice?

I can sleep for short periods of time almost anywhere. Exercise and not drinking alcohol help.

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