Globetrotter: Eric Salama of Kantar

The Kantar CEO covers 400,000 miles a year. He shares his tips for long-haul living in the first of a new series.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

How many business miles have you clocked up in how many countries over the past year?

I do approximately 400,000 miles a year, flying between 20 countries.

What's your favourite ...

Airline: Qantas, it's everything that BA should be but isn't.

Hotel: Peninsula, Bangkok, and Peninsula, New York. Also The Bukhara, New Delhi. I always finish any trip to India with a meal there.

Seat position: I prefer an aisle seat in business class, near the exit so I can clear passport control quickly.

Airport: Changi, Singapore. It is so easy to get in and out of.

In flight - booze or no booze?

No booze, Instead, I drink sparkling water and Earl Grey tea. I usually have meetings to go to as soon as I have landed.

Hot towel or peanuts?

Hot towels have lost their attraction, as have peanuts. But I am partial to almonds and cashews.

Video conferencing or eyeball to eyeball in the flesh?

At one end of the spectrum you've got Skype, which is great. At the other is Cisco's 3d Telepresence, which is also great and very lifelike. Everything in between is a poor substitute for the real thing.

MacBook or PC, BlackBerry or iPhone?

MacBook, Blackberry, iPad, iTouch and Samsung phone. Plus Twitter and Facebook. I have never thought of myself as a gadget geek until I answered this question!

Do you trust helicopters?

I do, but private jets and 'copters are not really part of the cultural DNA of Kantar's owner, WPP.

Do you like trains?

Love them. But they are not practical for anything other than Brussels and Paris. I do wish the Americans would invest in upgrading the Boston-New York-Washington line, though. I'd use it if they did.

Worst ever travel experience

I've had a few. But one of the secrets of successful travel is to learn how to erase the bad trips from your memory pretty quickly.

Jet lag remedy of choice

Tough it out - I change my watch to local time and try to act as if I've been there forever.

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