Globetrotter: Francisco Valim of Experian

Francisco Valim travels 200,000 miles a year as CEO of Experian UK & Ireland, EMEA and Latin America. He tells MT how he beats the 3am curse in the gym.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
How many business miles have you clocked up in how many countries over the past year?

In excess of 200,000 miles across 30 countries. I spend about 10 working days of the month travelling.

What's your favourite airport?

Heathrow, especially terminal 5. I also like Charles de Gaulle in Paris. Both airports have plenty of staff on hand to make life a little easier and they never seem too overcrowded.

Favourite hotel?

I choose hotels by their gyms. If they don't have one then I don't stay there. Other requirements are no-smoking rooms and a king-size bed.

In flight - booze or no booze?

No booze. I'm very rigid. I get on board, go to bed, don't eat or drink, and wake up just before landing.

Do you like trains?

I tend not to use them when travelling as they take much longer. They can be quicker when travelling across Europe, though.

Do you trust helicopters?

Yes. They're very convenient and they allow you to avoid the traffic. But I don't use them regularly - it would be nice but you can manage without one.

Worst-ever travel experience?

When I went to Romania several years ago, I was due to have dinner with the Romanian president, but my flight was delayed. I missed my connection and my luggage got lost. I landed about an hour before I was due to meet the president and had to stop at a mall to buy clothes. I did make it, but barely. My car was just in front of his.

MacBook or PC, BlackBerry or iPhone?

I take a work laptop with me but personally use an iPad and iPhone.

Where's the most interesting place you've been?

Unfortunately you don't always have time to enjoy a country. But although I've travelled a lot, there are still several places in Asia I would love to visit, Thailand being top of the list.

Jet lag remedy of choice?

When you get on the plane, adjust your watch to the new timezone. Try to exercise after landing so you're tired before bed. Regular travellers are familiar with the 3am curse, when anything wakes you up and you can't go back to sleep. So I'll often be found in the gym at three or four am.

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