Globetrotter: Mark Dixon of Regus

Entrepreneur Mark Dixon covers 200,000 miles a year as CEO of serviced office provider Regus. He finds power naps essential for beating jet lag.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

How many business miles have you clocked up in how many countries over the past year?

Close to 20,000 miles across about 35 countries. I'm in Brazil now, visiting parts of the country where we can expand the business. It's important to get your feet out there and on the ground.

Favourite airport?

Nice. It's the only airport I've come across where they fast-track frequent travellers and separate them from people going on holiday. My main priority is getting through the airport quickly. I don't like waiting around.

In flight - booze or no booze?

No booze. I like to use my time as productively as possible, or as least catch up on sleep. So I avoid coffee and keep off the alcohol.

Hot towel or peanuts?

Hot towels, although I think the quality has gone down a lot recently - sometimes they're not even hot. In Asia, I like cold towels.

On-board entertainment?

I take a lot of business magazines with me and catch up. I use my computer till it runs out of power.

Do you like trains?

Love them - they're my favourite form of travel. They're far simpler and go straight into the city centre. I get frustrated by airport logistics.

Do you trust helicopters?

I'm not keen on them. I only use them if absolutely necessary, which is very rare.

Worst-ever travel experience?

Getting to a meeting in New York seven hours late because all planes were grounded in Washington. I went by train, standing up all the way.

MacBook or PC, BlackBerry or iPhone?

PC and BlackBerry, but I still can't use all the functions. I used to listen to music but I lost my iPod two years ago and I'm still hoping someone will buy me one for Christmas. If other passengers are being noisy I just switch off. I have five children so I'm used to ignoring noise.

Jet lag remedy of choice?

Take power naps. If you force yourself to stay up for long periods of time, it'll affect your performance. No sleeping tablets either. But mostly, just try not to think about it.

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