Globetrotter: Simon Reid of Anglo Indian

Simon Reid travels to India every month, where his property firm Anglo Indian is teaming up with the MCC to build cricket colleges

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

How often do you travel?

Since I founded Anglo Indian in 2005, I've been travelling to India almost every month. We're teaming up with the Marylebone Cricket Club to create 12 cricket academies in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Pune and I'm moving to India this year. I also travel to Dubai and the Middle East frequently.

Favourite airport?

Dubai - for its amenities, quality and lounges. I often stop there on my way to India. If I'm travelling overnight, a good airport lounge is essential for having a bit of rest.

Favourite hotel?

A few years ago, my wife and some friends came over and we stayed in a hotel overlooking the Taj Mahal. It's touted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the Taj certainly surpassed our expectations. When I go to Pune, I stay with one of our local partners in their home.

Do you like trains?

I don't use them but one day I plan to go on the Maharaja's Express - a luxurious train which goes between Delhi and Mumbai in a week.

Favourite place to travel?

I visited Harrow International School in Bangkok last year. I'd never been to Thailand before and it was a fantastic experience. Venice is fascinating for someone in real estate, as it's essentially constructed on water and marsh land.

Worst-ever travel experience?

Surprisingly, I haven't had too many horrors in India. The worst was in Malta in 1990. As I was sitting on the plane about to leave after a week's work, the starter motor failed. Just when they'd fixed it, the Pope arrived on a scheduled visit. For four hours I was left on an aircraft with no air con in boiling temperatures and little water while the Pope made speeches and kissed the tarmac.

Video conferencing or eyeball to eyeball in the flesh?

India is very different from the UK. You get to know the family first and they'll come and visit you in the UK. It takes at least six months before you know if you're in business.

Jet lag remedy of choice?

I'm so used to travelling I always sleep on the plane, and if I've had four hours I'm fine. But if I have a heavy meal too late it keeps me up. Dal makhani is my favourite dish but I can't have it often as it's bad for my sleep and even worse on the waistline.

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