How to go from technophobe to technophile

Neil Logan, chief technology officer at Amor Group explains how to go techno without the headache.

by Neil Logan
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Don't be a dinosaur

Contrary to the popular saying, there are actually three things certain in life: death, taxes and change.  Change is inevitable so you need to get over your fear and learn to embrace it. Only by positively embracing change can you hope to control it. Get on the front foot.

Keep your eyes open

Embracing change is one thing but you also need to recognise change in your own environment. New technology has a nasty habit of pervading every organisation from all sides. If your staff are using new kinds of software or hardware in your business, it's time to investigate. Start with your own backyard before attempting to adopt outside technologies.

Limber up

Fossilisation is a remarkably quick process within many organisations. Ways of working can become carved in stone in a matter of weeks. New technology requires you to be prepared to change the way you do things to fully benefit so stay flexible…

Remember to communicate

Make sure you talk and most importantly listen to others in the organisation. Don’t just sit and wait for new technology to arrive. And don't be afraid to admit that you don't know how something works; open the channels of communication and make the most of others' knowledge. 

Look at what others have done

Be ever watchful. Look at how rivals and complementary businesses have embraced a new technology. There are always lessons to be learned, both good and bad. Eyes open…

Share your experience

Don’t be shy about sharing. If you’ve embraced a new technology and things have gone well, shout about it. Other organisations will be keen to understand how you’ve achieved your success (oh, and vendors will love it too!). But don’t just do it when things have gone well. You learn more from your mistakes than you learn from your successes.

Focus on what’s important

It’s easy to get blinded by the lights of new technology.  Multi-touch touch screens, gesture control and voice activation are all wonderful things but what does the technology offer you and your organisation. Technology is to supposed liberate not enslave. Remember what your objective is and stay focused.

Neil Logan is chief technology officer at business technology firm Amor Group

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