Agenda: Going for Growth, Customer, 26 April


The purpose of the Customer event is to address the challenges faced by CEOs and Senior Management when it comes to your customers, thinking specifically about how your customers, and your management and approach toward these customers can promote and maximise the growth potential of your business. The online will provide delegates with useful, practical solutions for how best to approach your customer management strategy, addressing the key challenges which come up in the sector, with some key takeaways for the future.

09:25 - 09:30 : Welcome Remarks & Explanation of Key Features of the Digital Platform from Management Today

To begin opening remarks from the chairperson and an explanation of the key features of the Digital Platform from Management Today

Kate Magee, Editor, Management Today

09:30 - 09:50 : Setting the Scene - an Economist’s view on the UK economy

In this session we will hear from an economist about the broader changes taking place in the UK economy and the impact these changes have on brands and their customers.

  • - What impact will these broader changes in the economy have on brands, particularly how their customers choose to interact with them?
  • - What is the most significant economic trend when considering brands and their customers?
  • - What impact will the rising cost of living/NI insurance increase have on customer behaviour and interaction with brands?
  • - Economist’s thoughts on trends in the future

John Glen, Visiting Fellow, Cranfield - School of Management

09:55 - 10:25 : The evolved customer - how to understand the new needs of your customer


The last two years have brought about many changes to ordinary living which no one could have foreseen, along with them has come a development in what customers want from the businesses they buy from, follow and support. Customers and clients want more from you now, they want a full service which understands them. This session will set out how you can understand the new needs of your customer, and go about adapting your customer approach strategy accordingly. Thinking specifically how this understanding can be the differentiator between you and your competitors, and why this is key for your business growth potential.

Key points for discussion:

  • - To begin, how can you go about understanding the needs of your customer?
  • - What are some of the tools you can use to get a better understanding of your customer?
  • - Why is this understanding so important? And how do you take this understanding and create a customer approach strategy which tackles the customer’s needs?
  • - How your empathetic approach to your customers can be a competitive differentiator.

Sean Keyes, Managing Director of Civil and Structural Engineering, Sutcliffe

10:30- 11:00 : The digital door to your customer - the ways digital touch points can be used to reach your customers

Fireside chat -
Interviewed by: Orianna Rosa Royle , Senior Reporter, Management Today


This session will run as a fireside interview and presentation to talk about how the speaker has used their digital touch points to reach new customers, improve their customer feedback and provide a consistent service to their customers. Looking specifically at how they have used digital touch points innovatively to reach new customers and retain their long-standing ones.

Key points for discussion:

  • - How important is it to find a balance between implementing automated processes and new technology into customer management strategy and maintaining the human element of your customer relationships?
  • - How have you used digital touch points to create a greater sense of trust for the insurance industry from your customers?
  • - What are some of the most innovative and exciting ways you have used digital touch points to interact with your customers?
  • - The right time - what are the moments in the customer journey which matter the most when it comes to digital?
  • - What are the results of using digital touch points?

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, CEO & Founder, Tapoly


11:35 - 12:00 : Assessing the viability of a multifaceted approach to consumer acquisition


During the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to invest in new channels to reach their customers, with a particular rise in the number going directly to consumers. With a number of strategies being implemented, including omni-channel and D2C amongst others, a focus on how businesses can navigate these changes successfully is essential. This session will look at how the channels customers are reached through have adapted and altered, and if these changes are here to stay.

Key points for discussion:

  • - How important is it to have a variety of channels when creating an experience for customers?
  • - Do you think new channels like D2C are here to stay, what are their repercussions?
  • - How does this improve your customer reach and improve your businesses’ growth potential?
  • - How have omni-channel strategies had to shift to meet the change in market dynamics?

Orianna Rosa Royle , Senior Reporter, Management Today

Holly Martin, UK Head of Biddable, Incubeta
Greg Klingaman, Strategic Advisor, Anyroad (former Global Retail Director for Diageo)

12:05 - 12:25 : Is brand loyalty dead? - how brand loyalty and trust be the key to your customer retention


Markets are crowded in most industries, this coupled with customer’s evolving preferences and lack of allegiance when it comes to the brands they choose has made it more and more important for businesses to create a culture which customers trust and see value in. With this in mind, this presentation session will cover how your brand’s reputation feeds directly into your customer retention and acquisition, and the impact this has on your business growth. Considering generational shifts in consumer behaviour and the impact of this on brand loyalty.

Key points for discussion:

  • - Why is brand reputation so important when it comes to retaining and acquiring new customers?
  • - How can you create more loyalty and trust in your brand?
  • - Generations do not have the same sense of loyalty to the brands they buy from - is brand loyalty dead?
  • - How can you retain your customers through loyalty schemes?
  • - Why empathy and human connection can be the competitive differentiator for your brand

Neil Barrie, Global CEO, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand

12:30 - 13:00 : What does good data look like?


It has long been established that access to and management of data is integral when it comes to brands and businesses understanding their customer - what drives them, what they are interested in, why they buy from the brand etc can all be understood with this data. There are limitations to this access to data, given changes to first-party data rules in recent years. With this in mind, this panel session will discuss how you can maximise the potential of customer data to create growth plans for the future, how you can access this data in the most transparent way, along with an exploration of what good data looks like for businesses seeking to sustain and build on their growth.

Key points for discussion:

  • - Why is access to data so important for understanding your customer?
  • - What does good customer data look like? What data should businesses be examining to
  • - How can you ensure you amass data from your customer in a way which is honest, open and transparent with your customers? How can businesses approach their customer base calling for greater privacy?
  • - The trend of micro-targeting - a way to specify your audience, what are the repercussions of this?

Kate Magee, Editor, Management Today

Jessica Jacobs, Global Director, Incubeta
Tom Hares, Founder and CEO, Buzzbike

13:05 - 13:35 : A global outlook - leveraging current customer & clients to crack new geographies


This session will cover how you can utilise your current customer/client base to expand your business reach to new geographies, and therefore increase your business growth potential. Taking into consideration the geo-political landscape and how important it is to first understand where your opportunities and limitations lie before taking the step into the global landscape.

  • - How can you be maximising your customer/client data to understand how to crack new audiences?
  • - How can you use the data you have to reach new customers and clients for your business?
  • - How key is it to first understand the geography or new client base you want to target before reaching out to them?
  • - How do current geo-political circumstances feed into your business expansion choices? Does this limit opportunity?

Speaker: Allyson Stewart-Allen, Author, Advisor, Educator, Broadcaster, Speaker, Judge, Non-Executive Director, International Marketing Partners

13:35 - 13:40 : CLOSING REMARKS

Chairperson's closing comments

A closing address from the conference chairperson, briefing on all the outcomes from the day, and digesting tangible takeaways for the audience

Kate Magee, Editor, Management Today

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