To anyone looking to get ahead in the world of business, understanding the investment industry is crucial. From the changing face of private equity, the deepening disparity of City pay and the growing presence of activist investors, this is a rapidly changing landscape ripe with opportunities for your business. Join us virtually on the 7th June as industry experts and economic thought-leaders unpick these challenges and reveal the secrets for success in the world of investment. Whether you’re scared to scale up, don’t know where to start with raising capital, or just wanting to build a base for success - this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Agenda: Going for Growth, Investment: 7 June

09:25 - 09:30 GMT Welcome Remarks & Explanation of Key Features of the Digital Platform from Management Today

To begin opening remarks from the chairperson and an explanation of the key features of the Digital Platform from Management Today

9:30 - 9:55 GMT Show me the money - will the macroeconomic picture kill off investment?

Synopsis: It’s no secret that the macroeconomic picture of 2022 is fraught with instability. With the UK cost of living rising to unsustainable levels, the Ukraine crisis, and supply chain issues damaging industry demand, many individuals and businesses alike will be looking to the experts for advice. This session will offer exactly that, examining the wider economic trends and how they will affect the world of investment.

Key topics:

  • What does the macroeconomic environment hold for 2022 and beyond? Analysis of forecasts on key metrics such as employment, GDP, and inflation.
  • With household budgets set for a big squeeze, what is happening to consumer confidence and are there opportunities for businesses?
  • What is the outlook for business investment in a post-Brexit, post-pandemic world?

Jon Boys, Labour Market Economist, CIPD

10:00 - 10:40 The acceptable new face of private equity – and how your business can benefit

Synopsis: We know the model of private equity investment is changing; is its image changing with it? The long-standing ideas about private equity are rapidly becoming outdated. As firms are challenged to find new ways to fund growth, more and more are looking beyond bank loans and away from the younger and riskier idea of crowdfunding, and heading straight to the door of venture capitalists. To this end, PE firms are increasingly prioritising deals that generate sustainable business growth. This session will dive into this ‘new’ side of private equity, and ask: how can businesses make the most of this opportunity? It will also help to break down common myths that surround private equity, and showcase the opportunities it presents to businesses looking to scale.

Key topics:

  • How can management teams benefit from the changing face of private equity?
  • How does private equity help businesses to grow, and what should management teams consider when taking on this kind of investment?
  • What can private equity firms do to provide assurances to UK firms when making deals?
  • How can businesses form the most effective partnership with their private equity backer? What makes for an effective collaboration?

John Garner , Managing Partner, LDC
Paul Lavery , Lecturer in Financial Economics, University of Glasgow
Paula Groves , General Partner, Impact X

10:45 - 11:15 What happened to the British unicorns?

Synopsis: 2022 is set to see a record number of US buyouts of UK listed companies. With similar levels of acquisition predicted in the start-up community, what can we stand to learn from other countries about encouraging and sustaining economic growth and reaping the rewards of building billion-dollar businesses? This presentation from will delve into the pros and cons of scaling up to sell off, and what you need to know about access to capital.

Key topics:

  • The problem with scaling in the UK market and the economic impact of the rise of M&A
  • Why you shouldn’t be scared of scale: the benefits in being bought out and having access to a wider market
  • Do global buyouts risk a loss of independence for your business? Should we be preserving UK heritage from too much external influence?

Dean Forbes , CEO, Forterro

11:20 - 11:40 The deepening disparity of City pay

Synopsis: In recent years, growing income inequality has turned the spotlight on CEO pay. The thorny question remains: is it right that CEOs are earning so much compared to their workforce? External pressures are forcing businesses to be more transparent over their executive reward programmes and equity incentive schemes, and a change may be on the rise. Certainly not a one-size-fits-all issue, this session will examine the different perspectives around CEO pay and how businesses can best address societal and employee inequality while keeping shareholder incentive high.

Key topics:

  • CEOs bring undoubted value to a company: is cutting their pay focusing on the wrong issue?
  • How can you address pay disparity in your firm without de-incentivising your leaders?
  • Are heightened CEO pay packages impacting inflation? Do we need to re-think the model of incentives?

Luke Hildyard , Executive Director, High Pay Centre

11:45 - 12:05 The new generation of public-private partnerships

Synopsis: The nature of public-private partnerships, both in the UK and globally, is undergoing a sea change after years of controversy. Once derided for offering excessive returns for private companies and a poor deal for government, how is a new generation of partnerships breaking the mould? And what sort of opportunities do they offer for businesses and investors?

Key topics:

  • How have public-private partnerships evolved beyond the old-fashioned PFI model?
  • How can these partnerships act as a catalyst for digital and technological innovation?
  • What is the key sell for businesses looking to partner with public sector institutions?

Kate Ives , Strategic Director, Countryside

12:10 - 12:35 Activist investors: helping or harming?

Synopsis: Organised investor activism is dividing opinion. Working to disrupt the status quo and give shareholders a greater voice, investors are bringing positive challenges to some firms and forcing seismic change at others. This session will examine the effects of investor activism and ask: does it improve corporate social responsibility, or risk fuelling instability? Can activist investment further the ESG agenda or is it mostly about enriching short term speculation?

Key topics:

  • Why you should be viewing and supporting activist investors as a force for positive change
  • Put your money where your mouth is: aligning investment and company purpose for greater return

Mark van Baal , Founder, Follow This

12:40 - 13:15 Does the City care about diversity?

Synopsis: A number of recent cases, most notably involving the underwriting group Atrium, have shone a light on just how far behind much of the broader investment community (including banks, investment management, wealth management etc) is when it comes to diversity and inclusion. While many large companies are at least attempting to change, other parts of the city remain stuck in the last century. Why is this? This discussion will unpick why the world of investment is struggling to progress in this space and why they should be prioritising D&I for long-term ROI.

Key topics:

  • Why are financial institutions lagging so far behind on diversity? How can this change?
  • How can a diverse culture improve your investment prospects?
  • You can have both purpose and profit: why focusing on diversity won’t cost you capital

David Tyler , Chair, The Parker Review Committee on the Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards
Tara Cemlyn-Jones , Founder, 25x25

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