Good Days at Work: How to create a well workplace

New research reveals how you can help your employees have more good days at work.

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Last Updated: 04 Jun 2018
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Employee wellbeing has shot up the corporate agenda. In 2017, nearly half of UK businesses had a wellbeing strategy in place, up from just a third in 2016.

Examples of innovative programmes abound in all industries. Take the banking sector, for example. HSBC’s ground-breaking mindfulness programme, which started in the UK, received a Parliamentary award and is now going global. Barclays’ ‘This is Me’ campaign, an imaginative and successful initiative to normalise mental health in the workplace, is now being rolled out across other businesses in the City.

But too often, wellbeing initiatives remain largely isolated from other business-critical HR strategies and processes, such as performance management, recruitment and talent development. They also tend to be imposed in a top-down, parental way. There are still too few attempts to encourage employees to take personal ownership – at precisely the moment when workers are crying out for greater control over their experience of work. 

A new report, Creating Well Workplaces, looks at where the responsibility for wellbeing lies in today’s world of work. The research by business psychology company Robertson Cooper and The Bank Workers Charity looks at over 56,000 cases of wellbeing data and offers insights into:

  • The core pressures that impact wellbeing in the new world of work.
  • How the expectations of workers have changed.
  • The opportunity to make a tangible difference to wellbeing by fundamentally changing the contract between employers and employees about where responsibility for workplace wellbeing lies.

Importantly, it identifies the ‘lost skill’ of self-management as a key factor for future success and offers a practical takeaway for employers who want to maximise the potential of their investment in workplace wellbeing.

The report is being launched at The Good Day at Work Conversation 2018 at the IET London on 19 June. The one-day conference brings together some of the world’s leading scientists, workplace theorists and creative thinkers, including scientist and TV presenter Professor Robert Winston, the author of the UK government’s recent review of modern work Matthew Taylor, and world renowned wellbeing expert Sir Cary Cooper. There will also be practitioner inputs and case studies from the likes of RBS, Mace, United Learning and Nestlé.  

Organisers Robertson Cooper will be ‘re-skinning’ some perennial British workplace challenges. How can we re-engineer the commute to work? How can we encourage people to save for retirement? Whose responsibility is workplace wellbeing? And how we be a ‘true’ version of ourselves in the workplace?

Read more about the conference here: Use the promotional code ManToday to receive a 30% discount on tickets.

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