Google Glass gets very slightly cooler

It comes to something when thicker frames and prescription lenses actually make a product less geeky.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 19 Feb 2014

Until now, the only people brave enough to sport Google’s attempt at ‘wearable tech’, the Glass – a kind of titanium monobrow with a camera stuck on the side – have been arch-nerds (not least because the only people able to get their hands on a Glass have been arch-nerds). But Google has made its first attempt at appealing to the masses by attaching it to actual, proper glasses frames.

Priced at between $150-$225 (£90-£136) – on top of the $1,500-odd the actual gadget will cost – the new glasses come in four styles:

1. 'Split'

2. 'Thin'

3. 'Bold'

4. 'Curve'

… and, of course, '90s extreme sports enthusiast', ie. a version with tinted lenses:

MT actually rather likes the ‘Curve’ frame. If only it came without a sodding great camera attached to it…

Here’s a video of even more people looking silly. Enjoy:

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