Google rides roughshod over EU bods and updates privacy policy

Quote of the day: 'In the future, if you do frequent searches for Jamie Oliver, we could recommend Jamie Oliver videos when you're looking for recipes on YouTube. Or we might suggest ads for his cookbooks when you're on other Google properties.' Google privacy chief Alma Whitten blogs this innocuous reason for privacy updates on Google, but not everyone is convinced.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

As of today, Google can share users' personal data between all its services, including search, Google+ and YouTube, partly for user convenience but mostly so that Google can tailor its ads to sell you more stuff. The changes came into force despite staunch opposition from European data protection authorities who have pleaded with the search giant to wait for a proper impact assessment.

French data protection watchdog CNIL wrote to Google on Monday, asking the firm to slow down. 'The new privacy policy provides only general information about all the services and types of personal data Google processes,' it explained. 'As a consequence, it is impossible for average users who read the new policy to distinguish which purposes, collected data, recipients or access rights are currently relevant to their use of a particular Google service.'

Still, at least this whole saga has turned into a great plug for Jamie Oliver...

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