Graduates get the right of reply

A new website puts the power into graduates' hands - but could it spell trouble for corporates?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

At a time of record youth employment, you might think that those lucky enough to get a graduate job would want to keep their heads down and their noses clean. But you know what these Generation Y types are like; they want to feel valued as well as suitably rewarded. A new website aims to facilitate this by allowing them to anonymously review their grad scheme placements – the hope being that this will encourage higher standards across the board. And if nothing else, it will provide a suitable forum for one of we Brits’ favourite pastimes: moaning about work… was launched by banker-turned-acrobat Jamie Frith, who says there weren’t enough outlets for ‘honest feedback’ on what it’s like to work for various companies. And with reviews coming in from organisations like Deloitte, Nestle and Goldman Sachs, it looks as though new recruits are enjoying the opportunity to contribute their tuppenceworth.

In some ways, it’s only fair. Most employers now look up prospective new recruits on social networking sites before they offer them a job; but until now, jobseekers haven’t had the chance to dig similar dirt on prospective employers. And it could be a force for good: if businesses aren’t doing enough to make their staff feel valued, the feedback they get from this site might force them to pull their socks up a bit.

Of course, the ‘anonymous’ part might prove to be rather troublesome for employers. While we hope it will force companies to pay more attention to their staff’s wellbeing, we can’t help but worry that it could end up as a forum for bitter workers who don’t/ didn’t measure up to sound off on the internet. Giving people a voice is one thing, but there’s no guarantee that it paints a representative picture.

That said, the website does also give employers a right of reply, so they can give their side of the story if they get a bad review (assuming they actually notice). And at the very least, it certainly makes for entertaining reading. ‘[My job] reminds me every day that I am a nobody,’ laments one review. ‘I am a robot on auto-pilot. My self esteem is [at] rock bottom.’ Feeling sorry for ourselves, much?

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Graduates get the right of reply

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