Green Business Awards 2010: Low carbon product

Winner - PowerPerfector

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

It's a little-known fact that power is supplied in the UK at an average of 242V, even though most of the electrical equipment we use is designed and manufactured to work at EU voltage levels, which are approximately 20V below the UK network.

The result is significant wastage of power and a reduced lifespan for much of the equipment in question.

PowerPerfector is a UK company that promises to cut business electricity bills through installing voltage power optimisation - a technology developed in Japan which converts a building's electricity supply to the optimum level. In doing so VPO reduces the business's electricity consumption - and carbon footprint - by up to 20%. And it provides valuable additional benefits: protecting against power spikes, suppressing 'harmonics' that can damage sensitive equipment and reducing the costs of replacing equipment earlier. The Land Registry has highlighted the protection of its electronic infrastructure and assets - which include the world's largest property database - as the most significant benefit.

And the concept has been endorsed by environmental campaigner Jonathan Porritt, who said: 'The only question companies have to answer is this: why won't this technology help my company - right now?'

Since the company began in 2004, PowerPerfector estimates that its technology has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 310,000 tonnes in the UK while cutting energy bills in the public and private sectors by around £50m. Those who have adopted VPO range from major retailers such as Tesco to a wide range of public sector bodies including Defra and primary schools. The rapid uptake by organisations as they learned about VPO was instrumental in placing PowerPerfector at number 33 in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 ranking in 2009.

And the results are verifiable. PowerPerfector is one of the first companies in Europe to have adopted the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to evaluate energy efficiency after installation. The company has a dedicated team which carry out evaluation after each installation, providing customers with reassurance that their investment has been worthwhile.

And the return on investment is spectacularly high compared with most energy efficiency or alternative energy generation projects. Payback typically takes two to four years, giving ROI of up to 50% in the first year.

With an estimated 238,000 organisations in the UK who could benefit from VPO, PowerPerfector is focusing much of its effort on education. It has given its support to Footprint Friends, the eco-social networking group for children, and is also involved with organisations such as the Green 500, 10:10 and the Mayday Network. Expect a surge of interest as this serious money-saving product becomes better known.






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