Harnessing the feel-good factor

MT FLEET CAR SPECIAL: Every fleet manager is familiar with the Olympic effect. Before the event there's a lot of handwringing about how much it's going to cost and whether it can be justified. But afterwards, people care less about the money and much more about the feelgood factor that spending it engenders.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

This is pretty much how most employees feel about getting a new company car and, as our feature on rightsizing demonstrates, it doesn't take a huge luxo-barge to give people a warm feeling, so long as it's the right vehicle for their job. A Fiat 500 can be just a welcome as an S Class Merc, as well as cheaper - and greener - for the company to provide.

But of course running costs do matter, especially for those firms that cover or contribute to staff fuel costs. And if you've ever wondered why spec sheet figures and 'real world' fuel consumption are so often at variance, check out our feature on 'The Truth About Fuel Consumption'.

Fast changing fleet

Fleet is going to become more important still. 75% of FTSE 350 companies mentioned CSR in their annual report and accounts last year. This highlights the increasing focus on a company's moral obligation towards its stakeholders, the environment and society, and fleet is integral to this.

As John Catling, CEO of FMG, says: 'As we see it, the fleet industry is going through major changes. Boardrooms are realising that vehicle use and management represents a substantial cost, and the way we use our fleets has become increasingly important to the bottom line. This is a change that we welcome, and we relish the opportunity to take fleet from being an afterthought to being at the heart of how a business operates.

'FMG's services reduce the frequency and impact of accidents. Traditionally, the industry has been seen as making money from managing accidents when they happen, but we believe that we should be rewarded for preventing accidents rather than cleaning up after them.'

MPG has never been so interesting.

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