A Head in the Clouds: The Rise of Technology and the CFO

The next instalment of MT's series, 'From Bean Counters to Strategic Thinkers: The growing role of the financial officer', in association with Canon, explores the single biggest factor shaping the decade ahead for CFOs: technology.

Last Updated: 23 Jul 2014

Be it communicating via social media, using big data, or moving more and more towards cloud-based systems, innovation and technology are areas that the modern CFO will have much greater involvement in – and with good reason.

Technological advances are allowing businesses to become more streamlined and to increase revenue generation at virtually no extra cost. Big data allows finely detailed analysis of corporate activities and the cloud enables much greater flexibility in the use of mobile technology, taking data out of the office and into the outside world.

Find out how today’s finance chiefs are using technology to add insight and value to their companies by reading part two of three: A Head in the Clouds.

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