Hidden Benefits: What The Experts Say - video

Is there a way your organisation could be making smarter decisions and using employee benefits for greater impact on healthy, wellbeing and productivity?

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 25 Oct 2016

We put some searching questions to a panel of experts from Oracle, Unum, Cranfield School of Management and the Reward and Employee Benefits Association.

How Should We Help Employees Switch Off?

We know that "always-on" lifestyles are unhealthy, but is banning the sending of emails in evenings really the answer?

How are benefits changing the relationship between employer and employee?

Employers used to dictate what benefits their workers received, but the increasing personalisation of perks is putting employees in the driving seat

How can we make our employees more engaged and productive?

Money is no longer enough – employers must provide work, an environment and benefits that align with employees’ values, say our experts

What does an ageing workforce mean for benefits?

The one-size-fits-all benefits package is dead. Our experts tell us that employers must listen harder to what employees say they need.

What makes a ‘caring company’? How does being a ‘caring company’ impact the bottom line? And what are the most effective methods of engaging and retaining employees? Just some of the questions we put to a panel of experts – here's what they had to say…

Rob Briner

Is employee engagement more than a management fad? Quality evidence is hard to find, says Rob Briner, Professor of Psychology at Bath University.

Louise Brownhill

A caring company is one that focuses on performance, but not at the expense of its employees, says Louise Brownhill, Head of Experience and Engagement at PWC.

Peter O’Donnell

Engaged and happy employees are the hallmark of a company that cares, says Peter O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer of Unum.

David Macleod

Caring companies are those which strive to make the most of their employees’ capabilities and potential, says David MacLeod, Co-founder of Engage for Success.

Isabelle Minneci

Caring companies are those which place people at the centre of the organization, says Isabelle Minneci, Human Resources Director at L’Oreal UK.

Claire Genkai Breeze

Think about work as a set of relationships if you want your employees to be engaged, says Claire Genkai-Breeze, Co-author of The Challenger Spirit.

Charlotte de Metz

A caring organisation is one that listens to its employees and gives clarity on its aims and objectives, says Charlotte de Metz, Global HR Director of Misys.

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