The @HiddenCash treasure hunt is coming to London this weekend

The philanthropist who has been hiding $100 bills in envelopes around US has announced London giveaways.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 17 Jun 2014

A millionaire first started leaving cash in envelopes around San Francisco last month: now the businessman plans to expand to Europe, and London will be the first stop this weekend.

According to the Telegraph, Jason Buzi, a 43-year-old real estate investor from California, will hide 20 envelopes around a yet-to-be-decided ‘large park’ in central London on Saturday. Each envelope will contain £100.

Once the prizes are hidden, clues will be tweeted from Twitter account, @HiddenCash.

According to its Twitter feed, other European capital cities will soon follow.

The Telegraph suggests Birmingham could follow next week.

‘We want to see how London goes first and then we’ll decide whether to expand it around the UK,’  Buzi told the paper. ‘Londoners are big Twitter users so I’m sure there will be quite a crowd. You guys seem to love a treasure hunt so it could become a scramble for the money.’

Buzi has already left tens of thousands of dollars for people to find across several cities in the US. Originally starting as an ‘anonymous social experiment’, Buzi went public in an interview with CNN two weeks ago. He said it’s a bit of fun and that the cash means a lot to some people.

‘I’d like for this to become a movement,’ he said. ‘If you can give back, it’s at least as rewarding as making good investments and getting big checks and making a lot of money.’

Many of the winners have donated the money to charity, he added, while others have used it for good deeds, such as buying someone lunch.

Buzi said he thought the hunts had become so popular because it combines people’s love for puzzle-solving with a desire to come together using social media.

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