History Lessons - To boldly go - Rupert Murdoch

As Goethe said: 'Boldness has genius, power and magic.' It has taken some unbelievably audacious decisions to put Murdoch imperiously on the world's media throne.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The Battle of Wapping in 1986, when he beat the all-powerful print unions, defined his courage. But his tenacity had always been there. Whether he's a young whelp transforming the Australian newspapers he's just inherited, or a seasoned proprietor making The Sun the loudest voice in the British press, he never ducks a difficult decision. Sky TV's launch could have become a huge white elephant, but the successful acquisition of football rights means it's now worth £4 billion. And for all the furore over Fox's political standpoint, the station was responsible for launching The Simpsons. The News Corporation empire is now taken for granted, but each step into a new field took ruthless nerve and in lesser hands might have failed. A former Murdoch broadsheet editors sums up: 'He doesn't just see over the hill. He sees over the whole Himalayas.' Foresight is one thing, but you need courage to capitalise on it.

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