Histrionic Personality Disorder

Every office has one: he's the guy with the fancy Savile Row suit and a tendency to curse and gesticulate violently.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor - helen@kirwantaylor.com
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
He'll storm out of a meeting when someone objects to an idea, and turn mean if you don't shake with enthusiasm and praise him endlessly. If you work with him, you'd better watch out. HPD is rife in Hollywood, where throwing scenes in public is all part of a day's work, but you see it in boardrooms as well. The CEO who curses employees, seduces the assistants, spends too much time in the gym and sacks anyone who doesn't feign blind allegiance is every bit as mad as Michael Jackson, your typical sufferer. Victims need a public platform because life is their theatre (in private, they're incredibly dull). It's a difficult condition to treat. You can try and suggest he seeks help, but you might get a lamp thrown at you. Better to keep nodding and pray someone else throws one at him first.

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