Hopkins beats Sir Alan at his own game

Hurrah for Katie Hopkins! She may be an '80s throwback (another one!) with a worldview so dystopian that even Maggie Thatcher might have balked at it, but none of that matters any more. Why not? Because of the masterful way in which she beat Sir Alan ‘The Gruffmeister' Sugar at his own game on The Apprentice last night.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010
Having elbowed her way ruthlessly through to the final, La Hopkins promptly resigned, effectively bouncing Sir Al's growled catchphrase ‘You're fired!' back onto its professionally grumpy progenitor in a masterful display of brinkmanship.

It's hardly surprising that Hopkins isn't enamoured of the prospect of working for Sugar. Anyone who can serve up a kebabing of that standard could certainly do a lot better than flogging emailer phones and anti-wrinkle probes for a living. And who in their right minds would want to swap chi-chi Exeter - Hopkins' current manor - for a famously grim office building in the sprawling London suburb of Brentwood?

As for the ‘six-figure salary' on offer, she has reportedly already lined up more than this in media deals, with plenty more to come, no doubt. Love her or hate her, we think she'll go far. Perhaps there will be one more female chief exec in the FTSE-100 before long…

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