Hot air at Davos or an agenda for change?

The gathering of the world's leaders at Davos last month brought calls for something called 'transcendent leadership', in which national interests would be put aside for shared collective ones.

by Knowledge@Wharton
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said individuals every where should take 'active leadership' in three key areas: climate change, world trade and African poverty.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a new and fairer regulatory environment to ensure that globalisation was seen as a force for good. She said that the world needed to create a 'new balance of power' in world trade, the consumption of resources, education and the fight against AIDS, etc.

The talk of transcendent leadership must have created a warm glow at Davos but will this renewed philosophy of enlightened self-interest translate into meaningful action? Perhaps; the world's great and good will get a school report on the matter at next year's summit.

The World Economic Forum: A call to exercise global leadership, not just self interest
Knowledge@Wharton, 7 February 2007
Review by Morice Mendoza

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