'How to do More with Less' Week, Part Five: Technology

In the final part of MT's how to do more with less week, our panel discuss the role of technology in extracting maximum value from minimum outlay.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 15 Feb 2011

How can the latest technology help thrifty businesses get the most bang for their buck? The sceptics among you may already be muttering ‘It can’t’, but hang on a minute. It’s undeniable that developments like the rise of the web, and the vastly improved ways in which modern applications can integrate with and add value to existing systems, have led to big gains in productivity in recent years.

In today’s session from the 'How to do More with Less' roundtable, we look at the kind of questions you should be asking to boost the efficiency of your IT. Our panel also considers the ways in which hot topics like consumerisation and cloud computing can help organisations both large and small get bigger results from smaller investments.

- See the video at microsoft.managementtoday.com

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