'How to do More with Less' Week, Part Three: Leadership

Time for the third instalment of our week-long series on one of the hottest topics of the moment: How to do More with Less. Today's film looks at the role of leadership.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 15 Feb 2011

On the face of it, leadership may not seem to be all that crucial a topic when it comes to doing more with less. Surely it’s one of those situations where the actions of the footsoldiers down at the frontline of the business make all the difference?

Well, yes - but as our esteemed panellists point out, people are a lot more likely to do what you do than to do what you say. So it’s vital for bosses to lead by example if any organisation is to stand much of a chance of making sustainable changes in the way it does business.  

In today’s video, you’ll hear about the importance of consistency as a leader and how to embed best practice and good habits in your team – not to mention the equally crucial knack of owning up when you fail to live by your own high standards.

So as with so many other areas of business, leadership turns out to be a pretty key element in the 'more with less' agenda after all. Don’t miss it.

- See the video at microsoft.managementtoday.com

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