Human resources could be so much more

Human Resources should be the killer application for businesses, but HR departments don't function to their full potential because of their cloak-and-dagger techniques and the fact that they have been marginalised in many organisations.

by Daily Telegraph
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Too many companies are getting it wrong by allowing chief financial officers to reign supreme, and relegating HR personnel to the background.

If you owned Real Madrid, whom would you listen to more - the accountant, or the director of player personal? Companies are failing to focus on the value of their people enough and missing the fact that companies with the best staff, working together, win.

Human Resources generally have a negative image within an organisation. This is because it often because it exercises power in a negative way – either when HR managers become little kingmakers, making or breaking the careers of others, or when they spend time planning picnics, sending out newsletters and enforcing rules that seem to have no purpose.

People who are one part parent and one part pastor are the ideal candidates for work in Human Resources, because they listen to your sins and nurture you when needs be, but also know when to dole out a bit of tough love.

Company executives should also ensure that Human Resources have other roles. For one, HR should be involved in creating effective mechanisms for motivating people.

It should also be instrumental in forcing organisations to face their most important relationships – such as those with unions or problematic staff.

Human Resources: too much cloak, not enough dagger, by Jack and Suzy Welch, authors of Winning.
Daily Telegraph, July 10th

Reviewed by Deborah Bonello



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