Where I get my best ideas: The local field

Bosch’s head of business development Jenny Patten finds creativity easier when she can escape the glare of her laptop (and the hum of the M40).

by Orianna Rosa Royle
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2020

Few people get their light bulb moments while sitting at their desk, enclosed by office walls. Fortunately the flexible nature of current arrangements facilitates working when and where you are most creative.

Ideas strike some people in the shower, others in the pub (pre-10pm, naturally).

Bosch’s head of business development, Jenny Patten, heads to the local woodlands, surrounded by cornfields and vast green spaces, to unlock creativity and escape the motorway noises which interrupt her train of thoughts.

“I don't get my best ideas when I'm sitting in front of the screen, I have to be in a green open area. I try to get out at least once during the workday, to get away from the motorway which is the background noise I'm usually listening to when I'm sitting in front of my laptop working. 

“I could throw a stone from my window and I'd hit the M40. But if you cross under the motorway bridge, you are in open fields where there are horses, wooded areas and lots of corn growing at the moment which I'm really tempted to go and pick.

“I find that my mind is more open to receiving things outdoors and not distracted by the latest email that's come in, or the fact that I've got 100 WhatsApp messages that I need to review.

“To clear my head, I wander, do a little bit of foraging and look for different things that are growing. To be conducive to creativity, it has to be a green space. It can't be walking down the pavement because then there are still lots of distractions.”

Image credit: Darrell Gulin vis Getty Images

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