'I put on eight stone growing my business, but now I've lost it all' - Michelle Mone

The founder of lingerie brand Ultimo gets into the zone with a diet of juices and tough training sessions.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 23 Sep 2015


Clean hair makes me perform. I use Fudge shampoo and have a professional blow dry for 90 minutes every day, while I clear emails on my BlackBerry Classic. I hate body odour and bad breath, and won't leave my penthouse flat overlooking Tower Bridge without using Sure Women Crystal Invisible Diamond Deodorant and carrying a pack of Polo mints. I drive to meetings in my Bentley Continental GT V8. My favourite restaurants are Scott's in Mayfair and Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles. His smoked lobster is to die for. I used to love junk food, but now I'm very strict about what I eat. I never have chicken when I eat out because I don't know what they've pumped it with, and I regularly have a week of juicing. It trains me to get in the zone. When I'm in the zone, no-one can stop me.


I put on eight stone growing my business, but now I've lost it all. I want to be mega fit and run marathons, so I started training at the Mandarin Oriental gym in Knightsbridge with David Haye's strength coach. I wear Nikes in the gym and Christian Louboutin heels when I'm out, but I'm not some fashion queen. I shop at Zara, and always wear Ultimo bras. The first one I designed, the OMG, is still my favourite. Measuring someone's bra size by sight is one of my three party tricks. The others are doing the splits both ways and identifying a song from the first two bars. If I want to think, I listen to Celine Dion or Andrea Bocelli. If I'm working out it's Flo Rida or Usher. Once a week, I tan myself with UTan. If I'm pale, I feel washed out and unconfident.


Growing up, my role model was Richard Branson. He really put himself out there for his businesses, and I tried to do that too. It's lovely when people say they started theirs because of me. I'm mentoring 105 people from Singapore to LA. Writing a book about my experiences opened up so many wounds from my horrible public divorce. I never thought I'd say this, but I wish my ex-husband the best with my ex-designer. I like to do my bit - I'm on the committee for disability charity Caudwell Children and every year I go to BGC's 9/11 fundraiser in London. Though I moved to the capital recently, I'm still very passionate for Scotland. Some trolls abused me on Twitter for opposing independence, but they didn't push me out. I will not be afraid of speaking out.


I love New York City. As soon as I land, I go straight to St Patrick's Cathedral. It's very spiritual and I always feel at peace there. Then I'll eat at steakhouse Maloney & Porcelli, and get a room on the highest floor I can at the Four Seasons. It's a great place to come up with ideas. I have massive OCD and usually tidy the room before the housekeeper comes in. I fly British Airways or Emirates, but I won't eat airline food. Flying bloats you enough. On long-haul trips, I take off my MAC make-up, put pyjamas and three layers of Creme de la Mer on and try to get some sleep. I love the water. When I'm in Majorca with my three teenagers, I'll rent a motorboat and sail around Puerto Pollensa. I like to ski too, but I prefer Austria to St Moritz. It's just too flashy for me.

Michelle Mone was on MT's first 35 Women Under 35 list in 2001. See michellemone.com. Follow her on Twitter: @MichelleMone 

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