If I had to start again ... Jon Moulton

I really could quite easily have had a career in chemistry, which I studied briefly, or in the IT world.

by Hannah Prevett
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

The most likely thing I would have been, if I wasn't where I am now, is some form of insolvency practitioner or turnaround artist. That also could have been something I did when I left Alchemy: I considered it for at least an hour. (Moulton resigned in September after strategic differences with the Alchemy board.)

I am effectively starting again with my new company, Better Capital, a vehicle to raise money for the turnaround area. I left Alchemy sincerely wishing I could have done a better job for the investors - I did a decent job, but I could have done better. And that is indeed the ethos of the new business. As I see it, I'm not yet a candidate for a care home - I'm 59 - and I reckon I can invest the new pool of capital pretty effectively before I start worrying too much about using a cane.

I didn't just sit down one day and write my letter of resignation; there were a number of things bubbling up. I was due to retire in a year, but as people who know me will testify, biting my tongue is absolutely and totally bloody impossible. For better or worse, over the years I've always spoken my mind. And I've hardly ever regretted it.

One thing I do regret, however, is how the MG Rover deal turned out. It was really shameful what happened - the only real chance for the company was destroyed. It was a shambles that ultimately ended with the complete closure of the business, a huge amount of expense for the taxpayer and a lot of people getting less than their statutory redundancy. It was a sadly wasted opportunity and a shocking misjudgment on the part of the Government. If the deal had gone through and it had succeeded, it would have been rather nice. If it had failed, it would have been miserable, because it would have been me standing out there on the end of the plank.

- Jon Moulton was a founding partner at private equity firm Alchemy Partners

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