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How can I get my team to see the benefit of flowers?

I'm trying to convince my team that office design can make a real difference to happiness at work. But they're not playing ball. What can I do to convince them?

by Jeremy Bullmore
Last Updated: 28 Oct 2013

Q: I'm trying to convince my team and manager that good design in the office can make a real difference to happiness at work. I recently completed an evening class in interior design and have been trying to make a few changes - nothing huge, just some plants, flowers, paintings on the walls, declutter. But I'm met every time with resignation. How can I get my team interested?

JEREMY SAYS: It seems to be in the nature of teams to resent any individual member who takes it upon him or herself to try to impose just about anything on the rest. It barely matters whether the ideas are good or bad.

Spoken or unspoken, the thought is always going to be, who does she think she is? In your case, the known lack of enthusiasm on the part of your manager must encourage other team members to be even more resistant.

I was going to say you need to get the manager on your side; but even that's not quite right.

The manager must first see for himself the benefits on offer; at which point you can support him. If you can pull that off, you've got a chance.

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