'I used child benefits to go on nice holidays', says Boris Johnson

Mayor Boris Johnson has praised the 'heroic' government for cutting child benefits for households earning more than £60,000. His family made about £50,000 from the scheme, he admits, and 'used this astonishing state largesse on all sorts of discretionary spending.'

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The Johnson family received child benefits for going on 20 years, BoJo writes in The Telegraph, which amounts to exactly £47,547.40 in total.

'I can’t pretend that without this dosh they [the kids] would have been deprived of bootees or SMA milk powder or scented nappy bags,' he says. 'Like many other families we have been able to use this astonishing state largesse - the thick end of fifty grand - on all sorts of discretionary spending.

'We’re looking at 10 half-decent ski holidays here, or about five luxury safaris. We could have laid down a cellarful of Chateau Lafite, or picked up an Old Master drawing, or a share of a lovely little place in Spain...'

Well done, Boris. Showing you're 'a man of the people' again...

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