All I want for Christmas is a bonus, say two fifths of workers

Around 40% of the nation's managers say a bonus would be the best Crimbo present, but 80% are not expecting to get one, a new survey suggests. Bah humbug.

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

A poll by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) has shown that a Christmas bonus is at the top of managers’ Christmas list this year, but most of the 1,500 surveyed are not hopeful that one is on its way. 

The second choice for a Christmas gift was a promotion (15%), followed by more staff on their team (13%) and then more training (12%). 

ILM boss Charles Elvin said: ‘Whilst a promotion offers a longer term benefit for managers’ careers, the gift bosses are hoping for is a bonus, despite most believing they will not get their wish.

‘It’s an interesting conundrum for organisations in these straitened times: how to reward staff for a job well done whilst being careful with the coffers.’

And, just as you warm up for your office Christmas party, the survey also found that one in 10 managers have disciplined someone for inappropriate behaviour when ‘under the influence’.

With those managers, top offences reported were: 

Saying something rude to another colleague (94%)

Shouting at the boss (83%)

Removing items of clothing (76%)

Bringing up work-related differences of opinion (50%)

Dancing on the tables (44%)

Behave yourself folks. You don’t want to emerge facing a disciplinary as well as your hangover the next day…

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