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'I'll tell you what I want: a Spar shop in Battersea', says Posh

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has splashed out on an unlikely piece of real estate: a Spar convenience store in Battersea, London. But she's not taking on Tesco in her latest venture...

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

We’re not sure if Posh would have felt uncomfortable tottering along a grubby Battersea street in her trademark heels and couture adornments. But it didn’t seem to stop her from getting the chequebook out to by a spa. Ahem, sorry, a SPAR. Yes, that’s right, a local groceries and convenience store.

Posh has signed a deal to purchase an 850 sq ft premises in the South London locale, apparently with plans to turn it into office space for the growing team employed to expand her line of clothing and accessories. 

Why Battersea, we hear you ask? Well, first, its within walking distance of her HQ, which is just up the road, and second, a huge amount of development is about to grace the Battersea area. It seems she’s counting on an explosion of interest in Battersea and wants to get in there quick.

It’s thought that the space will just be a launch pad for the Victoria & David Beckham line’s back office before she opens a proper flagship store in London, Paris or New York is chosen. It was pretty unlikely that she’d launch a swanky new inaugural shop next to a fried chicken shop. Or a bookies.

Check out this link to see the place we're on about...


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