Be an inspiring leader, with YouTube

You too can have the Obama effect, thanks to Dead Poets Society, Ben Stiller and the Matrix.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Capture the imagination. Faced with a disillusioned America, Obama has pressed exactly the right buttons to inspire people to greater heights. Your team may need a similar spur. In Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams manages to get a load of layabouts to start digging Shakespeare - by making them see the same thing differently.

Keep the ego out of it. When you're hailed as the new saviour, you're bound to have a pretty high opinion of yourself. But if you let the ego loose, you'll lose people's dedication just as fast as you won it. As Ben Stiller demonstrates in Extras: he's making a film to raise awareness of persecution, but he seems more concerned with his record at the box office.

Deliver. There's no point in being the hot new thing if you don't do what you promise. Obama has done well by lowering people's expectations already. In the Matrix, Keanu Reeves' Neo goes the other way. He's known as ‘the One', but he lives up to the hype - stopping bullets, kicking butt, and getting under people's skin.

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Be an inspiring leader, with YouTube

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